After-Hours Answering Services for Denists, Dental Clinics Oral Surgeons & Dental Offices

Are you looking for a dentist’s telephone answering service to handle your medical practice’s calls? Look no further. Dental Answering Service can provide you with the exact type of answering service for dentists’ office coverage that you seek. We’ll customize it to meet the communication needs of your office.

After-Hours Answering Services for Dentists, Dental Clinics & Medical Offices & 24/7 Appointment Services Available!

After-Hours Answering Services for Dentist, Dental Clinics & Medical Offices

Almost every aspect of dental care carries an understandable expectation of 24/7 availability. Patient health needs seldom restrict themselves to regular business hours, often occurring when the office is closed. To address this, dentists and their dental practices and clinics designate medical staff to handle on-call after hours, providing a continuum of patient care.

To best accomplish these after-hours dental & healthcare duties, astute dental offices use our after-hours answering services to best and most cost-effectively meet these industry standards.

Here are the key benefits of doing so.

Be Accessible to Dentist Patients

Tapping the skills of on-call after-hours answering services from a professional dentist medical answering service provider shows respect to patients. By having a real person answer their phone call, you save subjecting patients to the frustration of an unreliable answering machine or hard-to-navigate voicemail system—at a time when they’re least willing to use these impersonal technologies.

Though your office isn’t open around the clock, dental patients expect professional dental & medical staff to be available 24/7 to address their dental concerns that can’t wait until regular dentist office hours. When such a need arises, they want a personal, empathetic response, which your medical answering service can provide.

Protect Staff Personal Time

Though every dentist and dental clinic could take his or her own emergency dentist calls after hours, this isn’t a practical solution. Although it may at first seem fair, the reality is that each dentist would then be on call continuously. The result is that a dental or healthcare concern could interrupt their personal time at any moment or during any event. This takes its toll on even the most committed dental practitioner.

To address this, the solution is to share on-call responsibilities among staff, with scheduled individuals taking all on-call responsibilities for a certain time. This frees up all other staff from work-related interruptions in their personal life for the rest of the time.

Although this approach makes the on-call person busier when scheduled, it also ensures large blocks of time when they’ll get no calls because they’re not scheduled to be on call. This is the best way to protect the personal lives and mental well-being of all your staff.

The key to managing this correctly and making it work effectively best comes from on-call after-hours answering services.

Better Manage Dentist Staff

Using our after-hours dental answering services is the most cost-effective solution to implement a successful on-call program with your healthcare staff. When properly administered through a medical answering service, your staff understands they’ll be protected from interruptions when they’re not on call. This is huge.

They’ll also realize a fair and consistent implementation of your on-call policy. This will protect them from receiving non-urgent calls, as well as assuring them of equitable treatment for those times when they are on-call.


Our after-hours or 24/7 Answering & Support is a part of dental care that dental practitioners accept, albeit at times begrudgingly. The best implementation solution comes from on-call after-hours answering services.

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